Bring shoppers
back via data.

We provide retailers and brands with technological products to help them drive in-store traffic, optimise sales, and deploy new local operational strategies.

Geolocation data tells the truth.

We are convinced that nothing is more engaging than physical movement within the store.


The quality of geolocation data depends to a large extent on the finesse of the mapping.

The combined work of algorithms and engineers allows us to set the contours of several million points of interest in Europe as accurately as possible. This method helps us have results closest to reality and consequently to maximise the exactitude of the measurement of visits in the point of sales.

Mapped polygons

Harvesting of locations

The accuracy and completeness of a prospect's full journey is based on the data harvesting method.

Singlespot harvests a full range of data directly from millions of smartphones. This makes it possible to maximize the number of collected data and their accuracy, while respecting the private lives of the users. The main objective is to obtain the highest possible accuracy, so we do not extrapolate with any other data sources.

Accuracy radius

Privacy protection

We take the privacy protection of mobile users whose data we collect very seriously.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Singlespot has set up an informed consent process to provide users with all the information regarding our collection procedures and the use we make of the data. Therefore, Singlespot collects clear and reliable consent from each user whose data it collects.

We put our data to work for retailers and brands.

Singlespot’s technologies enable its customers to better understand, influence and predict their consumer behavior.

Audience Targeting

Target prospects based on recently visited location.

Audience Targeting

Physical shops are not dead!

The quality and accuracy of our data allows us to target prospects based on the places they have recently visited. As such, we expose a relevant audience for our clients and measure, for each targeted person, whether they go to the store post-campaign.


Accurately measure the traffic generated by your media campaigns


Demand a measurable investment!

For each campaign we select a separate control panel of prospects who match the same targeting criteria as the targets but who are not exposed to the campaign. Therefore we measure the number of incremental visits that are generated by comparing the measured visits from the exposed and the unexposed people.

Data Intelligence

Use our data to optimise your operations.

Data Intelligence

We put our data to work for retailers.

Our team of consultants works with and advises retailers and brands to help them optimise their offline operations and marketing strategy on a daily basis at a very local level.