• Geotarget the right prospects.
  • Generate footfall.
  • Measure performance.

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Geolocation services for advertisers and publishers


Singlespot mobile technology boosts your in-store footfall and measures precisely how many prospects visit your stores.

In-store Traffic Analytics

Tailor your marketing strategy to local challenges with Singlespot's detailed traffic analytics.

Mobile app publishers

Leverage the full value of your mobile applications with Singlespot's superior location data analytics and monetisation expertise.


The most accurate GPS geolocation
technology on the market

300 additional
locations collected
per day

Thanks to smartphones and GPS tracking, retailers can now engage consumers efficiently, and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns in terms of traffic generated in-store.
For this purpose, Singlespot has developed a unique GPS technology to maximise the accuracy at which store visits can be measured. This technology depends on an exhaustive data collection to identify the entire offline journeys taken by prospects, and on a precise mapping of POIs using polygon matching rather than inaccurate radiuses that have been used for years.

Mobile marketing 2.0 is now within your reach!

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